ABOUT blackdog nz 


The term “Black dog” has been used as an analogy for depression as far back as classical mythology, medieval folklore, and more notably Winston Churchill.  Even in modern times, the phrase is an apt description of one’s condition as it acts as a symbol to externalise moods, thoughts, and emotions that are difficult for a sufferer to verbalise. It only seemed fitting that the company was called blackdog NZ!


By Founder Sandra Evans

blackdog nz is not just a candle-making company; but this was the first in a line of products towards creating rituals in personal wellbeing, uplifting life, soothing anxiety, and relieving depression.

At blackdog nz, we like to use environmentally thoughtful and functional products for all consumers. We believe the ability to refill empty votives or repurpose the product bag and jar into something else symbolises how a sufferer can continue to evolve and recover into a more profound and resilient individual. From my own experience suffering from mental illness can leave you feeling inadequate, alone, unworthy, and at times nonfunctioning, a little like a discarded packaging box that no one values once opened. “Hence my use of repurposable candle bags”. I experienced judgment from my peers, friends, employers, and mostly myself, and this is in part why each product has had so much thought placed on its conception.

The checkered or striped candle votive with a lid represents a shell that holds a beautiful soul waiting to be lit and enjoyed, and every time you light one of blackdog nz's candles, you will be helping sufferers access recovery support. The checker pattern represents past challenges and the mind games we play with ourselves and others, a little like a game of chess. The stripes are an idyllically straight line to wellness, in a perfect world that is! The black rim represents residual darkness many people have experienced at least once in their life; it reminds me of my black dog waiting in the shadows.


Once empty, our unique candle votives can be refilled by us with any fragrance, just as a sufferer can be refilled with hope and encouragement. You can also repurpose the votives into a multitude of uses; so too can a person who is challenged with mental health. Sufferers may need time to recover, but we can return to our occupations stronger than ever, or it could be a perfect time to repurpose into a new, improved version of oneself. Either way, like blackdog nz products, we are not disposable unless we let ourselves be!